Summer Nails Tutorial! Fruits Salad Nails <3

Since it’s winter here in Sydney, I’m craving for a summer heat! So I thought of a very cute summer nails style that can hopefully bring some of that tropical warmth to you girls <3

This is the final product! (I’m still wearing my nails arts from last week so I had to use this fake nail for demo! >.<)


What you need:

– A summer nail polish of your choice!

– Base & top coats

– Fimo clay fruits canes (these can bought from eBay, even pre-cut so you don’t have to go through the hassle I did ;))

– Some pearl to decorate your nails afterwards…this is optional but once again, can be obtained from eBay at low price too

– And a pair of tweezers!!

Optional: toothpick






Step 1: French nails

Start with basic French nails style.

Here I use Sally Hansen, the colour is 672 Jaded.



fruitnails2 fruitnails3







Step 2:

– Use your tweezers to pick a piece of fruit fimo you like.

– Here I chose Orange :)











 Step 3: Place fimo on nail polish

-> Important!!!

– Make sure your polish is still tacky/ wet

– Before you place the fimo on it is best to put a top coat on to enhance the stickiness of the surface!

– Press it down gently

– If you wish to improve stickiness of the next fimo then put a small touch of top coat on top of the fimo.





fruitnails4 fruitnails5 fruitnails6 fruitnails7 fruitnails8 fruitnails9 fruitnails10 fruitnails11



I chose watermelon next.

With a top coat on the orange, the melon sticks easier.












Continue with apple…














Then with kiwi….













Press them all down.

















Step 4: Top coat

– Now 1 final top coat :)















Step 5 (Optional) Extra Decoration

I bought some small golden pearls.

– Use a toothpick

– Make sure the tip of the toothpick is MOIST.

– Put the toothpick close to the pearl, it will adhere naturally. Don’t be too harsh and poke the pile or you’ll end up with 10 pearls on the toothpick…







Once the pearl meets a ‘wetter’ surface it will adhere to such. So it will ‘jump’ to the nail surface without effort.


Drop the pearls where you desire and you’re DONE!















I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial!


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