Romantic Lace Nails Tutorial

Are you looking for some romantic lacey nails? Tired of buying lace stickers to use on your nails and watching the corners being peeled off or covered in ugly brown dirt?

Then maybe you should my latest nails design 😉

This is the final outcome!


20130707_123224You will need 2 colours for this design. I used a berry colour and white.
Products used:

– Sally Hansen in Berry Important

– Sally Hansen in White

– Base coast and top coat both from Sally Hansen (YES I know, recently I fell in love with their amazing new line, the colours were so pretty and shiny without the need of even top coat T___T how can I resist!!)

– 1 small brush (you can substitute with a small tooth pick)

And you’re all set t go!





Step 1: Paint your nails with the colour(s) you want 😀



























Step 2: 1st curve














Step 3: Small dots underneath the curves














Step 4: Adding bigger dots














Step 5: 2nd curve














Step 6: Adding small dots underneath 2nd curves














And that’s done!! Follow by a top coat!



The reason I leave my ring fingernails in white is just so that I can make it more…interesting and different! Haha You can just draw anything you like, bow or heart for example. I chose lace again…

And this nail took me the longest amongst all! >”< But all worth it now <3








Snap shot of the tools I use…












The fake nail was for testing haha!

Hope you found this tutorial useful <3<3 and hope you’re successful!

P.S drawing on the right hand’s nails was a pain since I’m a right handed…haha..but I managed!

Happy Sunday everyone!!



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