May’s 1st fashion haul – Yesstyle

So recently I bought a few stuff from These Korean pieces are so pretty…can’t resist!


Just want to share with you girls some styling tips :)

1. Notched Lapel Blazer from SUVINSHOP – Pink

This blazer is quite long so I wear it with a mini dress and a pair of high heels :)

The jacket is RRP $70. The dress is from, shoes are from Kate Spades, and bag is from Louis Vuitton.

2. Single-Button Long Jacket – Yellow Mustard

This one is my favourite!! This colour fits in so nicely with Sydney’s Autumm weather. I LOVE LOVE it!

Love this jacket with the leopard & floral print inside :) My colleagues also absolutely love this so I’m very happy with this purchase xD
I chose a simple white top with black ribbon, and a tube skirt with some floral details to match with the jacket. But I think this jacket will also go well with light blue jeans, black tights, white pants and any white collar tops!
The top is from Bardot, skirt is from some boutique I forgot! Haha!

3. Lace-up Oxford Flats – White – MYHAROO (Sold out now)

This is the one I wear with the above outfit. I find myself wear these so often since they go so well with jeans and just totally any outfits, especially when you’re in the I-don’t-know-which-shoes-to-wear-today mode. This is sold at RRP $50, no longer available now…

4. Pink Suede Pumps

Haven’t got a chance to wear this cutie pair yet, so I’m not 100% sure if they’re comfy. Bought them since they’re way too pretty! RRP $85

5. Elastic-Waist Chiffon Maxi Skirt – White

This item is basically a result of impulsed-buying… :”) RRP AUD $38. The top is from Forever New.

So that’s it for now….
I just placed another order with Yesstyle….so naughty I am! So there will be another fashion haul coming up!

Hope you guys enjoy the post!




  1. pichaya
    May 10, 2013 at Reply

    where did you buy the white chiffon maxi skirt from? it looks nice :)

    1. Tee-Tee
      May 10, 2013 at Reply

      Thanks :) i got it from Yesstyle for $38. Very good material

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