Lady Dior – Medium – what fits in my bag?

Last Christmas I purchased a medium Lady Dior in Jean Blue color <3 So this tag will be a quick review about this gorgeous bag.


This bag is made out of delicate lamb skin, meaning that you WILL need to take good care of it. Wearing jeans or dark clothing will transfer the color to the bag, so I tried my best to avoid this.

The bag is not patent so it is not easily scratched. Having said that, sharp long nails will potentially put a toll on the beauty if you are not careful!

Lady Dior Jean Blue


The bag has a square shape. Normal iPad will not fit in, but mini iPad will (although you will struggle to take it out because the entry is very narrow. I can fit my long wallet in together with phone, keys, makeup pouch, and sunglasses so it is quite spacy. The leather at the entry will stretch out through usage, makes it easier to access :)

Lady Dior

Lady Dior

You can carry the bag in many ways, using the strap for a shoulder bag, or handles as a tote. It is beautiful and versatile <3 Below are some ideas:

Lady Dior outfit

For this outfit: top from Zeitgeist, shorts from Isla by Tallulah and shoes are Princess – Christian Louboutin

Lady Dior streetstyle

For this outfit: top and bottom both from Asos, shoes are Alexander Wang, sunnies from Miu Miu

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