M&M’s nail arts

A little inspiration for early days of spring :) Somehow reflects my current crave for chocolate <3

Funky, cute and yummy!

Polishes I used:

Yellow & Green: From Glossyblossom, a Korean brand. Got it from a local Morning Glory store, 3 bottles for AUD$10 and they’re amazingly cute and easy to apply! xD You can always get them on their website www.glossyblossom.com

Blue: From The FaceShop. Recently they opened a store in Townhall Sydney :) Cute colour and pretty cheap too. Around AUD$3.

Red: From Eclipse. Got this from Morning Glory too. This is a very strong bright red so you only need to apply one coat (Y). Same price as the GlossyBlossom’s ones.

Purple: From Rimmel’s ‘I <3 Lasting Finish'. The colour is 195 Perfect Plum. Around $3 per bottle. Great colour. Got it from David Jones ;) White for the M’s: From TonyMoly. Got it from Morning Glory for around $4. Reliable.

Don’t forget the top and base coats, they prevent your nails from chipping and turning yellowish !