NARS Matte Pink Lipstick – NARS Schiap – Used by Yoon Eun Hye from Korean drama ‘I Miss You’

Recently I was lucky enough to find the NARS Schiap, the lipstick that is sold out almost everywhere in the world after the Korean drama ‘I Miss You’ went on air.

The pink lipstick was used by the actress Yoon Eun Hye through out the series, as Lee Soo Yeon. The color is extremely pretty!

I’ve been looking around and found out the colour she used was Schiap by NARS

I got this from MECCA Sydney at $39….quite pricey but I was lucky enough to have my special man to get this for me as a gift… since I’ve been looking for it for so long and did not find any luck T_T Anyway I’m very happy now ^___^v

NARS Schiap – Hot Pink

And ta-daaaaaa!!!

On me:

This colour is extremely vibrant and it brightens your skin up significantly. Since it’s quite strong you do not need to wear too much make-up for the eyes.
It’s matte and stays extremely long (I guess that’s why she used it while filming), not shiny when taking photos and I recommend wearing a thin layer of lip balm first to keep your lips moisturised. Most matte lipsticks can make you lips very dry.
You can:
– Apply lip balm first
– Blot your lips with a tissue to take the excess shiny oil away
– Apply lipstick
– Blot your lips again with a tissue to take excess away (to avoid embarrassing mark on cups when you drink!!)
– Note: when blotting, do not put the tissue in between your lips (a.k.a bite with lips), try to keep your mouth a bit open, then apply the tissue straight on your lips (do not wipe!) and press gently with your fingers! :)
Hope you enjoy this blog entry! Any questions, please comment below.