Kiehl’s NEW Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream; Estee Lauder Cyber White BB Cream, Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB Cream Comparison

I recently bought the new BB Cream from Kiehl’s: The Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream so this entry will be dedicated to reviewing this BB cream, and also to compare this with my other favourite BB Creams from Estee Lauder and Skin79.

Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream

This new product from Kiehl claims that it will correct skin tone irregularities with 82% of the users saw reduced visible skin discolouration, so I decided to give a go.

The BB Cream comes with 3 colours: Fair, Light, and Natural. It contains Vitamin C and the good thing is it comes with SPF 30 PA+++. I normally prefer SPF protection of under 35 or so, which is perfect if you go to work everyday and don’t stand in the sun all the time. SPF 50 is TOO MUCH and I think it’s only good for beach time, therefore Diorsnow BB cream wasn’t my choice.

After trying on all 3 colors, I picked FAIR. At first I thought Light was good for me since my skin isn’t the fairest of the fairs nor palest, but the Light reacts on my skin and turns out to be quite dark.

So here is the product! Comes in 30ml, small white tube:

The size is quite handy for daily use, to put it in your makeup bag or little handbag :)

The swatch: As I tried on my hand a tiny bit

Then gently spread it

And finally fully blend it out

You can tell the area I applied it and the area I did not.

What I like:

– Brightens up your skin complexion: 7/10
– Whitening – this is the lightest shade so I guess people with extremely fair skin will have trouble finding the right one: 6/10
– Hydrating – doesn’t settle into fine lines or dry patches, goes on smoothly after moisturiser: 9/10
– Not too expensive: I got this 30ml for $28-ish so that’s reasonable, as compared to my Estee Lauder 30ml BB cream which was around $50-60

What I do not like:

– The smell…isn’t too refreshing
– Coverage is quite poor! In my opinion did not really even my skin tone… 3/10
– Goes away easily with water, so if you sweat a bit…gone!

So in the end it’s worth a try. I find it a very light BB Cream to use daily so don’t feel too heavy/uncomfy and it doesn’t give you that I’m-wearing-makeup feeling. Many people could not tell I’m wearing it! :)

Now for the other 2 favourite BB creams of mine!

Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB Cream

Such a long name!
Now I’m a bit biased to this BB Cream since I’m a heavy user of Estee Lauder skincare products. Estee Lauder seems to be extremely compatible to my skin. I also chose this BB Cream for its SPF protection of 35 PA+++ and also I got the 30ml/1oz one, although they come in 50ml as well.

How it goes on my skin:

Compared to Kiehl’s, it has more brightening and whitening effect. The product is also very very hydrating. I’ve been using this for quite a few months and my skin feels great.

This one doesn’t provide much coverage either (6/10). However if your skin doesn’t have too much imperfection/ discolouration then this would be great.

The smell is gentle, not detectable <3 Now if you’re looking for coverage then this would be the one:

Skin79 – Diamond the Prestige BB Cream

I chose this one over the hot pink one since it is less heavier, not too thick and sufficient coverage.
This one is suitable for fairer/paler skin, or great for Asians who are looking for products to whiten their skin up.

 As you can see, a tiny amount can do a lot of coverage and whitening.
This product is considerably cheap compared to the other two.

However it is very drying so I don’t use it often.

Hope you guys found this useful :) And feel free to drop me any questions!


Red Lipsticks Review – Chanel, Lancome, MAC, Estee Lauder

Today’s entry will be the review on my current collection of red lipsticks ūüėČ

Rouge Coco Chanel No.19 – Gabrielle
Rouge Allure Chanel No.84 – Flamboyante
Lancome Rouge In Love No.170N – Sequin d’Amour
Lancome Rouge In Love No. 159B – Rouge In Love
Lancome L’Absolu Rouge No.182 – Rubis Exquis
Satin M.A.C Red A42
Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre No.35 – Rich Red


Above picture is how they look like in real life.

Swatch of the above colors:

So that’s quite straightforward. The photo was taken without flash under natural room light condition, so that’s basically what it will look like if worn during day time. And of course, different lipsticks will show differently on different people since our natural lip colours are all different. So I will do a separate review for each of them.

1.   Rouge Coco Chanel No.19 РGabrielle 

How it looks on me:

This is one of the deepest red lipsticks they have. It will look good on pretty much all skin tones.
The lipstick gives quite a matte finish, with a little bit of sheer in it.
Quite easy to apply, however, for even and ‘clean’ look for all red lipsticks, you should have a lip brush.
I sometimes use this for the Korean lip tint look as well, with a creamy lighter shade underneath.
Quite long lasting. Great for night out.
Great quality as expected from Chanel.
Doesn’t moisturise your lips much. Quite dry in my opinion.

2. Rouge Allure Chanel No.84 РFlamboyante

How it looks on me:

This is my favourite red lipstick from Chanel.
Extremely easy to apply, quite moisturising. I wore it for the whole day, and at the end of the day my lips were still smooth, not chapped or dry.
As opposed from No.19 from Rouge Coco line, this one has a coral undertone, so it appears warmer, and less intense. Would be great for wear during day time.
I did not need a brush to apply this on.

3.¬†Lancome Rouge In Love No.170N – Sequin d’Amour

I bought this one because it looks so sexy and gorgeous on Emma Watson on their ad campaign!

How it looks on me:

This one is straight to the point: bright red.
The packaging is cute, reminds me of a bullet, small and easy to carry around in a small clutch.
As advertised, I don’t really need to use a brush to apply on.
It will look great for people with cool undertone & fair skin.
Smells elegant ( I LOVE Lancome’s smell!)
Moisturising when first applied on lips, but will dry out terribly….after I remove my make-up my lips were suffering…So although I love it a lot, I don’t really use it often.
Reasonable price.

4. Lancome Rouge In Love No. 159B РRouge In Love

I bought this one at the same time as No. 170N since I couldn’t decide which one I’ll love more! >__< How it goes on me:

Compare to No. 170N, this colour is less intense and pinker. It would be great for people with cool and warm undertones. I would say this one is for ‘cute’ look rather than ‘sexy’.
Re quality, you can refer to the previous one.

5.¬†Lancome L’Absolu Rouge No.182 – Rubis Exquis

This one is included in the gift pack I recently purchased, and it was 70% of why I purchased the gift box! I’ve wanted to try this colour out for a long time.

How it goes on me:

I love the packaging, very elegant and cool (close by magnet), and the SMELL! Of course <3<3<3 This one looks a bit darker red in real life. It would suit both cool and warm undertones.
Quite easy to apply, although I did use a lip brush for this look.
Has sheer finish, therefore would be great for night-outs.
The colour is very long lasting! It stayed after I had lunch and only faded a bit, so that’s a plus.
Had compliments for using this so I’m very happy.

Would definitely be my favourite red lipstick from Lancome.

6. Satin M.A.C Red A42

MAC lipsticks are normally cheaper than the other high-end brands so I decided to give this one a go.
They had quite a few shades of red, but I chose this one since it goes well with warm undertone.

Here it is:

The color is dark red.

If you’re going for the snow white look, this would definitely be the one.

It gives you a total matte finish, so no sheer no sparkles =P
The color goes on very strong so a brush would be handy.
This MAC one is quite moisturising, but is not long lasting, so you would definitely need to re-apply often.
The color is beautiful, I love it. I would wear it on days I can’t decide which red one to wear :)

7. Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre No.35 РRich Red

I got this one as a present from my sister. When I first saw it, I know I will like it.

How it goes on me:

Estee Lauder has been my HG brand for all the skin care products I’m using, so I would love to try out as many of their make-up products as possible.

This lipstick, as the name depicts, very rich, dark red. It gives a matte finish just like MAC Red, but the color is darker. So if you wear MAC for day, then this would be good for night.
If you apply a good amount, it will look very sexy!
Moisturising and O.K. lasting.
No strong smell so quite pleasant.

Okay so that’s it for now. I hope after this entry you will find something you like and suitable for you.
As for price range, in descending order: Chanel > Lancome + Estee Lauder > MAC

If you can’t decide which one is good for you, or how to know which undertone you are, drop me a note and I will do my best to help! :)

See you all soon