My skincare routine reviews: SK-II – Do you have dry, sensitive skin?

If you have super dry and sensitive skin like me I guess your choices of skincare products are much more narrower and tougher!

My skin is dry to the point that in winter, when it gets to midday, my skin will start peeling no matter how much moisturiser I apply in the morning. Situation is worse since I work all day in an air-con environment T__T

Not to mention my poor skin is also allergic to any nice smell/ fragrance :(((

The first line of skincare I tried was Shiseido, when I was 18-19 y/o. My skin started to turn very red, hot, and itchy after applying it on my face. So since then I never dare to try it again…may be it’s not made for me :(

I then tried Clinique Superdefense SPF25+. It was alright, did not irritate me but the moist only last me for a few hours. I used to use it when I was travelling to Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. places where humidity is high enough to maintain my skin

Now that I don’t travel to those countries often anymore, and spending most of my time here sure has made my skin drier than even, even in hot summer days. I tried Hydrationist by Estee Lauder (blue) and Day cream (green). They worked great. However recently I heard from the beauty advisor in Japan that Estee Lauder has changed their formula and some of their stuff are even made in China, making it not as great as previously. And I can tell exactly when I used them. Hydrationist is not that moisturising anymore (and this is their only high moisturising line for dry, sensitive skin) and their eye cream is getting terrible :-S…So I decided to go on a quest to find the right cream for my face!

I gave Shu Uemura a try…but it irritates my skin so badly…I guess it’s because the Depsea line has nice fragrance in it *sad face*

So finally I found my HG products! I used to think SK II is for more matured women but the advisor told me NO! :))) I gave it a try and OMG I fell in love! The texture, the feel, the quality, the results…they’re all sooooo different to what I tried before!



Facial Treatment Essence

The introduction of the SKII Facial Treatment Essence caught my attention – They claimed that this essence was derived from their observation, of women working in sake (jap alcohol) factory, with their hand being so nice, white, no sign of ageing as compared to their face. They then used that substance to put in the essence so that women can have their facial skin just like these ladies’ hands.



At first this product irritated me just a little bit. But after 2nd – 3rd use it was all fine. Felt very light like a toner, with nearly no smell (or light/ not-so-pleasant smell).
How to apply? After washing my face, I tone it and then drop a few drops of this into my palms, rub gently between 2 hands to warm it up and then lightly tap on my face

Result? This has visibly brightened my complexion. My mum asked if I used any whitening products, because after 1 week of using, when I stand next to my sister my skin appears to be fairer and brighter ^____^ was happy to hear that!


My initial intention was to buy the new Stempower Rich, because it’s so much thicker and more moisturising for my skin. But it’s not in the special Xmas set so ah well, I’ll get it next time when I’m out of this Stempower :)



How to use? After applying the Essence I normally wait 1-2mins for the goo product to absorb into the skin, then I apply the Stempower. For very dry skin days, I apply the Emulsion first and then this Stempower.

Result? I love the light, non-fragrant texture, and how it effectively cools your face down (my face often gets really hot and red)! Your skin doesn’t get sticky, and doesn’t feel heavy afterwards, but also it doesn’t feel like the product has evaporated somewhere! But I would still prefer the Rich Stempower for my dry skin. This is good enough since it is now summer in Australia :)

Facial Lift Emulsion

Since my skin is too dry the advisor chick told me that applying this emulsion first before the Stempower could help. It certainly did provide me more hydration.



Result? This sure has increased the hydration to my skin. However applying this together with Stempower irritates my skin a bit. Some sensitive spots on my face got red and stings abit…Not sure if this combo is the best for me :-S
But for people with Normal-Oily Combination, this product works wonder on itself, just applying after the Essence is enough for the day! ^_^

Skin Signature Eye Cream

Best eye cream I’ve ever used.


How to use? Apply onto your eye bags gently with your ring finger. This products claims to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.

ResultThis product is soooooo MOISTURISING! I love it so much, it doesn’t feel heavy/greasy/make my eyes itchy. I love it since it makes it easier to apply concealer (your concealer won’t cake up or dry into your fine lines). But you have to wait for it to dry up a bit or all your concealer will flow away :))) This cream is great because you only need a tiny tiny bit to apply on your eyes (half of what I normally uses when I used Estee Lauder) so it will last forever ^o^

My last step for daytime skincare is to apply the sun screen. I love the one from Shiseido, cuz it’s designed for babies, or very sensitive skin so no smell, non greasy, and just perfect protection for my face since SKII doesn’t come with SPF protection


YSL – Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation in B40

My current FAVORITE foundation that I reckon is better than any BB cream and the Estee Lauder foundation that I used.




It was a bit pricier than the Estee Lauder one, but so much more hydrating. Glides on smoothly and makes people think it’s your bareskin even from a very close distance B-) Still I don’t use this on the blush on my cheeks, cuz everything will just make my cheeks dry…so no makeup there!

The advisor was nice enough to give me extra masks for my purchase :) Haven’t tried it so but hopefully will do magic since they cost so much! xD


Thanks for reading everyone and hope this will be helpful for you! Drop your questions below if you have any!


Too Faced: Anti-crease Eye Shadow Primer & ‘Natural Eye’ Eye Shadow Palette Reviews

Hi girls,

Today’s post will be the review of the 2 recent products I just bought online. These two are getting very popular in the US so I thought I would give them a try!

1. Too Faced Anti-crease Eye Shadow Primer – ‘Shadow Insurance’

This product claims to make the eye shadows last longer, and the colours more intense (i.e. the colours appear truer without the need to apply heaps of them on).

This product costs around AUD $18 for an 11g tube. When you squeeze it out from the tube, the liquid is beige and¬†odorless. I thought it would actually go on your eyelid as beige, but it turns out to be transparent so that’s all good!

I really REALLY LIKE this product! It actually enhances the colours and makes them last so much longer.

I tested this out by doing one eye with primer, and one without. Then I used a cotton ball and wipe the make-up from both eyes  (with water only, not make-up remover). To my surprise, the one with primer still holds the make-up well!

As you might notice, the right one (my left one) still has some shades there.

I would totally buy this again when I run out of the product ūüėÄ

2. Too Faced: Natural Eye – Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

I’ve been waiting to try this out for so longgggg but it’s been so hard to find a place that actually sells it in Sydney! Thank god I found it finally, shipping is around $5 so that’s not too bad! XD
They also include 3 cards with 3 makeup styles as a guide for you. The 3 styles are Day, Classic and Fashion, corresponding with the 3 lines in the palette.
This Palette includes the very-easy-to-use colours both for day time and night time, very natural and neutral just like its name…that’s why I chose this one.
Was so excited to try it out!
So I tried out the 3 styles.


All colours are matte. ‘Velvet Revolver’ didn’t show much. My favourite is ‘Heaven’


‘Silk Teddy’ goes one smoothly, looks good on photos since it catches light. However for day time use, this might be a bit too much for me…extremely shiny.
‘Push-up’ and ‘Erotica’ go perfectly together. I would use this for night time :)


This one is quite similar to the Classic Look. However it’s so much softer. Again I’m not a fan of ‘Nude Beach’. It looks heaps nice, but applying it on evenly is quite a pain, and it doesn’t look like the colour it’s supposed to be…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘Honey Pot’ and ‘Cocoa Puff’!!!! These colours are soooo easy to use and yet so vibrant. ‘Honey Pot’ goes only smoothly and nicely as a perfect golden shade, and ‘Cocoa Puff’ suits this golden shade absolutely.
My final verdict:
My Favorites would be ‘Heaven’, ‘Push-Up’, ‘Sexspresso’, ‘Honey Pot’, and ‘Cocoa Puff’. You can create emany looks with these 5.
I would definitely recommend this palette to any friends out there who’s after neutral eye shadows. I use these colors nearly everyday so I’m very happy with this palette.
I love the cute packaging, and this palette fits perfectly in my handbag (unlike the Naked palette I bought previously…). I prefer this one over the Chanel and Dior quad eye shadows since you can create more look, it’s cheaper, and the quality isn’t much different.
Feel free to drop me any questions below and I will help you answering them if I can!
Thanks for reading and hope this helps :)

NARS Matte Pink Lipstick – NARS Schiap – Used by Yoon Eun Hye from Korean drama ‘I Miss You’

Recently I was lucky enough to find the NARS Schiap, the lipstick that is sold out almost everywhere in the world after the Korean drama ‘I Miss You’ went on air.

The pink lipstick was used by the actress Yoon Eun Hye through out the series, as Lee Soo Yeon. The color is extremely pretty!

I’ve been looking around and found out the colour she used was Schiap by NARS

I got this from MECCA Sydney at $39….quite pricey but I was lucky enough to have my special man to get this for me as a gift… since I’ve been looking for it for so long and did not find any luck T_T Anyway I’m very happy now ^___^v

NARS Schiap – Hot Pink

And ta-daaaaaa!!!

On me:

This colour is extremely vibrant and it brightens your skin up significantly. Since it’s quite strong you do not need to wear too much make-up for the eyes.
It’s matte and stays extremely long (I guess that’s why she used it while filming), not shiny when taking photos and I recommend wearing a thin layer of lip balm first to keep your lips moisturised. Most matte lipsticks can make you lips very dry.
You can:
– Apply lip balm first
– Blot your lips with a tissue to take the excess shiny oil away
– Apply lipstick
РBlot your lips again with a tissue to take excess away (to avoid embarrassing mark on cups when you drink!!)
– Note: when blotting, do not put the tissue in between your lips (a.k.a bite with lips), try to keep your mouth a bit open, then apply the tissue straight on your lips (do not wipe!) and press gently with your fingers! :)
Hope you enjoy this blog entry! Any questions, please comment below.

NEO Glamour Brown Lens & Dolly Wink No.11 Pure Sweet False lashes

I recently purchased these lens from

NEO Glamour Brown Lens
Brand: NEO
Origin: South KoreaWater content: 45%Diameter: 14.2 mmBase Curve: 8.6Power: plano, -0.50, -1.00 to -5.00 (0.25 step), -5.50 to -9.50 (0.50 step)Duration: 1 year disposable

The thing I like most about these would be:

– I’m short-sighted so I can’t just wear 0.00 lens. Luckily these lens are available in -3.50 <3
– Higher level of water content than GEO’s lens -> won’t give your eyes that dry feeling too soon
– Not-too-big diameter (14.2mm). I tried 14.5mm before, which was common for most coloured circle lens and if you don’t put a considerable amount of make-up on you will look very freaky. So this one would be quite natural for normal eyes’¬†circumference.
– The colour is quite vibrant on photos (see below) and blends in quite well with me natural colour (dark brown).
– Easy to put on and take off.
– Not pricey!

Close-up look – NEO Glamour Brown
NEO Glamour Brown under natural lighting
with flash

What I don’t like:
– You don’t see much without bright light so I wouldn’t suggest it for night use.

In the pictures I was using Dolly Wink No.11 Pure Sweet:

Dolly Wink No.11 Pure Sweet – upper false lashes

Thanks for reading! There will be more lens review coming up in the future.