Céline Trapeze Medium Croc Embossed

I found this treasure from Cosette at the Rocks, Sydney last week – while I thought this collection has already been sold out!

Celine Trapeze

Celine Trapeze Croc Embossed

Isn't she gorgeous? xD

Isn’t she gorgeous? xD

The service at Cosette was great, and the staff was very helpful and polite :) The manager told me that these bags were shipped from Europe (mainly France) as the last season’s collections, hence they were able to offer better price as compared to major retailers like David Jones. Definitely will come back!

I also got the bag organiser to arrange my belongings inside the bags – makes it easier when you change bags often, and easier when you look for things, especially inside a big, spacey bags like Céline.

IMG_2047 (480x640)

IMG_2045 (640x480)

This croc embossed style means they emboss the crocodile skin style on the calf skin, make it look like it’s croc skin but not! I love it since 1. I can’t take care of delicate croc skin, especially for daily use, and 2. I don’t like the thought of using a crocodile piece of skin on my bag! It just…freaks me out >”<

I’m 5″2 (158cm) and this is how it looks on me



Till next time!

Lady Dior – Medium – what fits in my bag?

Last Christmas I purchased a medium Lady Dior in Jean Blue color <3 So this tag will be a quick review about this gorgeous bag.


This bag is made out of delicate lamb skin, meaning that you WILL need to take good care of it. Wearing jeans or dark clothing will transfer the color to the bag, so I tried my best to avoid this.

The bag is not patent so it is not easily scratched. Having said that, sharp long nails will potentially put a toll on the beauty if you are not careful!

Lady Dior Jean Blue


The bag has a square shape. Normal iPad will not fit in, but mini iPad will (although you will struggle to take it out because the entry is very narrow. I can fit my long wallet in together with phone, keys, makeup pouch, and sunglasses so it is quite spacy. The leather at the entry will stretch out through usage, makes it easier to access :)

Lady Dior

Lady Dior

You can carry the bag in many ways, using the strap for a shoulder bag, or handles as a tote. It is beautiful and versatile <3 Below are some ideas:

Lady Dior outfit

For this outfit: top from Zeitgeist, shorts from Isla by Tallulah and shoes are Princess – Christian Louboutin

Lady Dior streetstyle

For this outfit: top and bottom both from Asos, shoes are Alexander Wang, sunnies from Miu Miu

Autumn outfits – ft Celine Trio, Saint Laurent Tribute, Seed Heritage and more

So autumn has arrived in Sydney, and it’s been pouring, wet and cold :( Despite of the depressing rain, it is the best time to rock your boots xD

This has been my favourite combination so far! Effortless casual top and harem pants, both from Seed Heritage (I LOVE this brand), boots from Tony Bianco and black Celine Phantom.


Celine Phantom

I also create another look with the harem pants. They might seem very casual, but matching with heels, and some nice accessories will create a sophisticated, chic look, that is suitable for going out.

The pants are from Seed Heritage again, top from Zara, heels are Saint Laurent Tribute, and bag is Celine Trio Yellow.

Celine Trio

Celine Trio I have is the size small. My long wallet cannot fit in this bag so every time I use it, I either have to take my cards out, or use a smaller wallet. With 3 pouches, surprisingly you can fit a lot of stuff in :)




I love Celine leather. It’s soft, yet strong and durable – one of the best, and most luxurious out there.

Till next time x

Celine Luggage Phantom – Emerald – Should you buy?

Hi girls!

So recently I purchased this beeeeeautiful gorgeous bag – the Celine Luggage Phantom in the colour Emerald (darkish green) from David Jones Sydney. I believe the size is medium.


As you can see, this bag can carry a lot! The bag is made out of perfect lambskin, and the feel of this leather is amazing

This bag is extremely flexible 😀

…it goes well with casual outfit…


…as well as dress-up occasions – this is from a wedding…


I’m 1.58cm tall and this bag is quite heavy for me, so think carefully before you buy if you’re not into heavy bags :)

So what’s the verdict after 1 week of carrying this bag?

– The bag is sooooo HEAVY even when you carry only your wallet, key pouch, some lipsticks and sunnies @@! Bad thing is you can only hook it over your elbow…so it gets very tiring
– Centre of weight is not distributed evenly in the bottom of the bag because of soft leather, so all the stuff falls in the centre and make it look pointy

I’m considering selling the bag now due to these facts even tho the leather is uber fine…I guess if you’re tiny like me it’s not really the bag for you…

Drop your comments if you have any thoughts on the bag! <3

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Cobalt in Medium Review – Mix & match ideas

Hi everyone!

So recently I just purchased the Phillip Lim medium Pashli in Cobalt. This post will give you some ideas of how big it is and how to match it with different styles.


You can fit an A4 magazine into this bag easily.


Some more close-up details of the bag ^___^ here. Quite a well-made bag indeed!

It’s not too heavy in my opinion (unless you pop your laptop in there!)






blog17 (2)


One down side of the bag is the hooks for the strap. Since they are both placed at the back, the bag doesn’t sit nicely straight when you wear it on your shoulders. Also if you are around my height (160cm) the strap will be a bit long for you (not too bad I would say)

Great point is: you can use this bag for both casual hanging out, work or even parties! ^_____^ And that’s why I’m loving it so far! The color is so vibrant <3









The clothes are all from Forever New. Shoes from Salvatore Ferregamo <3 Just in case you're wondering where I got it from, it's from Robby Ingham Australia. There staff was very nice and helpful. We were offered with Moet champaigne and cupcakes the moment I stepped inside the boutique! Sadly I did not win $100 voucher on the day :(( I prefer this bag so much to the small one, simply because it's the perfect size for my stuff, and the strap doesn't look too big compared to the whole bag like the mini :)

Hope you guys find this useful if you're considering getting this bag! Any questions please feel free to ask me! xo