Autumn outfits – ft Celine Trio, Saint Laurent Tribute, Seed Heritage and more

So autumn has arrived in Sydney, and it’s been pouring, wet and cold :( Despite of the depressing rain, it is the best time to rock your boots xD

This has been my favourite combination so far! Effortless casual top and harem pants, both from Seed Heritage (I LOVE this brand), boots from Tony Bianco and black Celine Phantom.


Celine Phantom

I also create another look with the harem pants. They might seem very casual, but matching with heels, and some nice accessories will create a sophisticated, chic look, that is suitable for going out.

The pants are from Seed Heritage again, top from Zara, heels are Saint Laurent Tribute, and bag is Celine Trio Yellow.

Celine Trio

Celine Trio I have is the size small. My long wallet cannot fit in this bag so every time I use it, I either have to take my cards out, or use a smaller wallet. With 3 pouches, surprisingly you can fit a lot of stuff in :)




I love Celine leather. It’s soft, yet strong and durable – one of the best, and most luxurious out there.

Till next time x

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