3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Cobalt in Medium Review – Mix & match ideas

Hi everyone!

So recently I just purchased the Phillip Lim medium Pashli in Cobalt. This post will give you some ideas of how big it is and how to match it with different styles.


You can fit an A4 magazine into this bag easily.


Some more close-up details of the bag ^___^ here. Quite a well-made bag indeed!

It’s not too heavy in my opinion (unless you pop your laptop in there!)






blog17 (2)


One down side of the bag is the hooks for the strap. Since they are both placed at the back, the bag doesn’t sit nicely straight when you wear it on your shoulders. Also if you are around my height (160cm) the strap will be a bit long for you (not too bad I would say)

Great point is: you can use this bag for both casual hanging out, work or even parties! ^_____^ And that’s why I’m loving it so far! The color is so vibrant <3









The clothes are all from Forever New. Shoes from Salvatore Ferregamo <3 Just in case you're wondering where I got it from, it's from Robby Ingham Australia. There staff was very nice and helpful. We were offered with Moet champaigne and cupcakes the moment I stepped inside the boutique! Sadly I did not win $100 voucher on the day :(( I prefer this bag so much to the small one, simply because it's the perfect size for my stuff, and the strap doesn't look too big compared to the whole bag like the mini :)

Hope you guys find this useful if you're considering getting this bag! Any questions please feel free to ask me! xo

Mix & Match – August – Monochrome

If you’re looking for mixing & matching Monochrome clothing this could be a few useful tips for you.

Black, white & red, although simple, if you match them right, you can create the effect of skinner body & longer legs. These are classy colors that will never go out of date.

Check out the following!

I used:

– One black top with white dots (Miki Classic)

– One pair of black shorts with small sophisticated details (a boutique in Oxford)

– One black jacket (simply because it is now cold in Sydney!) – you can actually use any colors but black is the easiest to wear for any occasions. (boutique in Oxford)

– One white top – you can choose lacey to give your outfit some details (plain one from Forever New, lacey one from Valley Girl)

– One red skirt (I forgot from where)

– One pair of white skinny pants – black works just as well! (Yesstyle – some korean brand)

– One white dress

I used my recently obtained white bag (Michael Kors Selma Satchel), and a pair of plain patent leather black heels (Christian Louboutin Simple 85).

Here are some ideas! :)

IMG_20130804_134135 IMG_20130804_134816 IMG_20130804_135609 IMG_20130804_134054 IMG_20130804_133955 IMG_20130804_133857
































































Hope you enjoy the combinations! <3


Summer Nails Tutorial! Fruits Salad Nails <3

Since it’s winter here in Sydney, I’m craving for a summer heat! So I thought of a very cute summer nails style that can hopefully bring some of that tropical warmth to you girls <3

This is the final product! (I’m still wearing my nails arts from last week so I had to use this fake nail for demo! >.<)


What you need:

– A summer nail polish of your choice!

– Base & top coats

– Fimo clay fruits canes (these can bought from eBay, even pre-cut so you don’t have to go through the hassle I did ;))

– Some pearl to decorate your nails afterwards…this is optional but once again, can be obtained from eBay at low price too

– And a pair of tweezers!!

Optional: toothpick






Step 1: French nails

Start with basic French nails style.

Here I use Sally Hansen, the colour is 672 Jaded.



fruitnails2 fruitnails3







Step 2:

– Use your tweezers to pick a piece of fruit fimo you like.

– Here I chose Orange :)











 Step 3: Place fimo on nail polish

-> Important!!!

– Make sure your polish is still tacky/ wet

– Before you place the fimo on it is best to put a top coat on to enhance the stickiness of the surface!

– Press it down gently

– If you wish to improve stickiness of the next fimo then put a small touch of top coat on top of the fimo.





fruitnails4 fruitnails5 fruitnails6 fruitnails7 fruitnails8 fruitnails9 fruitnails10 fruitnails11



I chose watermelon next.

With a top coat on the orange, the melon sticks easier.












Continue with apple…














Then with kiwi….













Press them all down.

















Step 4: Top coat

– Now 1 final top coat :)















Step 5 (Optional) Extra Decoration

I bought some small golden pearls.

– Use a toothpick

– Make sure the tip of the toothpick is MOIST.

– Put the toothpick close to the pearl, it will adhere naturally. Don’t be too harsh and poke the pile or you’ll end up with 10 pearls on the toothpick…







Once the pearl meets a ‘wetter’ surface it will adhere to such. So it will ‘jump’ to the nail surface without effort.


Drop the pearls where you desire and you’re DONE!















I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial!