Celine Luggage Phantom – Emerald – Should you buy?

Hi girls!

So recently I purchased this beeeeeautiful gorgeous bag – the Celine Luggage Phantom in the colour Emerald (darkish green) from David Jones Sydney. I believe the size is medium.


As you can see, this bag can carry a lot! The bag is made out of perfect lambskin, and the feel of this leather is amazing

This bag is extremely flexible 😀

…it goes well with casual outfit…


…as well as dress-up occasions – this is from a wedding…


I’m 1.58cm tall and this bag is quite heavy for me, so think carefully before you buy if you’re not into heavy bags :)

So what’s the verdict after 1 week of carrying this bag?

– The bag is sooooo HEAVY even when you carry only your wallet, key pouch, some lipsticks and sunnies @@! Bad thing is you can only hook it over your elbow…so it gets very tiring
– Centre of weight is not distributed evenly in the bottom of the bag because of soft leather, so all the stuff falls in the centre and make it look pointy

I’m considering selling the bag now due to these facts even tho the leather is uber fine…I guess if you’re tiny like me it’s not really the bag for you…

Drop your comments if you have any thoughts on the bag! <3