May’s 2nd Fashion Haul: Tony Bianco shoes, Michael Kors Small Selma Top-Zip Satchels (Brown & Black)

Hello my shopaholics <3

Following up on first haul in May, this post is for 2nd fashion haul …. been spending too much!

But since season is changing to winter…and you just feel like you want to update your wardrobe xD (that’s a bad excuse but yea, since some stuff are on sales and some you just wait for ages to be able to get it so why not indulge yourself ;))

So first would be reviews on the shoes…

Tony Bianco – Jersey Boots – Color: Mocha Diesel/ Black Wax


Mocha Diesel/Black Wax leather above ankle boot, with brown elastic side gussets, pull on tab on the back, and two straps which wrap around the front of the foot and cross over under a hidden slot, buckling up on outside of boot with square shaped buckle. Small block heel. Heel height is 5cm. 

Diesel is a smooth matte leather. 

This pair of boots..I fell in love at first site for the gold buckles, 5cm heels and its color! Was lucky to buy on the only sale date… instead of paying $199.95, I only paid $56 for being a member of their VIP Club :) And now the smallest size available is 7.5. So I’m extremely satisfied that I grabbed the 5.5 ones 😀

Here are some photos:

For the dosh: This is absolutely a bargain!

Quality:           Very durable and comfy leather, walked all day without any pain. I haven’t test it out in the rain so not sure whether it’s slippery or not.

Look:              The color goes on well with jeans, tights, socks, or just bare skin. Versatile for all casual looks.

Tony  Bianco – Trist – White Chicago/Black Chicago

This pair is not even available on their website anymore, so YES! I’m happy :))) You can find it on theiconic but they don’t have my size there anymore 😛


Black and white suede leather combo high heel, with open waist side, small pocket back around the ankle and pointed front toe with layered detailing across the top. Heel height is 10.5cm. Leather upper and synthetic lining. Due to open waist design, this style fits larger than normal.

Since the heels are high and pointy, it is a bit difficult to walk with, but surprisingly for its height, it wasn’t that painful yet still brings the sexy look you want.

Originally this costs $149.95. It’s now on sale at $60 and I got it for $42 so totally worth it <3

The design was a bit large so I guess I could go down 0.5 a size. But since I don’t use this for walking long distance so it’s all good :)

Next part is the handbags….

Michael Kors Small SELMA Top-Zip Satchels

I’ve been waiting desperately for them to release this model in Australia, and finally it’s here! I actually went shopping the first day they arrived in Sydney, so yes, they just put them out on the shelves! The next day I visited, nearly half of them were gone….so thank god!

Since I love LOVE LOVE this so much, I got them in 2 colors….Black and Brown (Tan).

I think the Black one is sold out.

The size is small, and leather type is it won’t get deformed easily, which would be perfect for work since I carry a lot to work.

Some photos to model how big it is…

  • I think in the US they’re sold for around $330-$340. In Australia the RRP is $399 (as expected! Always got jacked up >”)
  • They go well for both casual and formal outfit. And I love how they have the top zips, so your stuff wont be falling out, plus it will be way safer if you hang out at crowded places.
  • The size is good. The bag is light, well-shaped and easy to clean. Shoulder strap is just RIGHT for my height (around the same as the Prada Saffiano’s strap) so I’m very happy about that, since most bags have very long straps :(

On me: Jacket and studded stockings are from Forever New. If you’re curious here are the stockings I bought…

So that’s all for today :) The next blog I guess will be on  winter coats xD
Hope you enjoyed reading, and found something you like <3<3


May’s 1st fashion haul – Yesstyle

So recently I bought a few stuff from These Korean pieces are so pretty…can’t resist!


Just want to share with you girls some styling tips :)

1. Notched Lapel Blazer from SUVINSHOP – Pink

This blazer is quite long so I wear it with a mini dress and a pair of high heels :)

The jacket is RRP $70. The dress is from, shoes are from Kate Spades, and bag is from Louis Vuitton.

2. Single-Button Long Jacket – Yellow Mustard

This one is my favourite!! This colour fits in so nicely with Sydney’s Autumm weather. I LOVE LOVE it!

Love this jacket with the leopard & floral print inside :) My colleagues also absolutely love this so I’m very happy with this purchase xD
I chose a simple white top with black ribbon, and a tube skirt with some floral details to match with the jacket. But I think this jacket will also go well with light blue jeans, black tights, white pants and any white collar tops!
The top is from Bardot, skirt is from some boutique I forgot! Haha!

3. Lace-up Oxford Flats – White – MYHAROO (Sold out now)

This is the one I wear with the above outfit. I find myself wear these so often since they go so well with jeans and just totally any outfits, especially when you’re in the I-don’t-know-which-shoes-to-wear-today mode. This is sold at RRP $50, no longer available now…

4. Pink Suede Pumps

Haven’t got a chance to wear this cutie pair yet, so I’m not 100% sure if they’re comfy. Bought them since they’re way too pretty! RRP $85

5. Elastic-Waist Chiffon Maxi Skirt – White

This item is basically a result of impulsed-buying… :”) RRP AUD $38. The top is from Forever New.

So that’s it for now….
I just placed another order with Yesstyle….so naughty I am! So there will be another fashion haul coming up!

Hope you guys enjoy the post!



Too Faced: Anti-crease Eye Shadow Primer & ‘Natural Eye’ Eye Shadow Palette Reviews

Hi girls,

Today’s post will be the review of the 2 recent products I just bought online. These two are getting very popular in the US so I thought I would give them a try!

1. Too Faced Anti-crease Eye Shadow Primer – ‘Shadow Insurance’

This product claims to make the eye shadows last longer, and the colours more intense (i.e. the colours appear truer without the need to apply heaps of them on).

This product costs around AUD $18 for an 11g tube. When you squeeze it out from the tube, the liquid is beige and odorless. I thought it would actually go on your eyelid as beige, but it turns out to be transparent so that’s all good!

I really REALLY LIKE this product! It actually enhances the colours and makes them last so much longer.

I tested this out by doing one eye with primer, and one without. Then I used a cotton ball and wipe the make-up from both eyes  (with water only, not make-up remover). To my surprise, the one with primer still holds the make-up well!

As you might notice, the right one (my left one) still has some shades there.

I would totally buy this again when I run out of the product 😀

2. Too Faced: Natural Eye – Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

I’ve been waiting to try this out for so longgggg but it’s been so hard to find a place that actually sells it in Sydney! Thank god I found it finally, shipping is around $5 so that’s not too bad! XD
They also include 3 cards with 3 makeup styles as a guide for you. The 3 styles are Day, Classic and Fashion, corresponding with the 3 lines in the palette.
This Palette includes the very-easy-to-use colours both for day time and night time, very natural and neutral just like its name…that’s why I chose this one.
Was so excited to try it out!
So I tried out the 3 styles.


All colours are matte. ‘Velvet Revolver’ didn’t show much. My favourite is ‘Heaven’


‘Silk Teddy’ goes one smoothly, looks good on photos since it catches light. However for day time use, this might be a bit too much for me…extremely shiny.
‘Push-up’ and ‘Erotica’ go perfectly together. I would use this for night time :)


This one is quite similar to the Classic Look. However it’s so much softer. Again I’m not a fan of ‘Nude Beach’. It looks heaps nice, but applying it on evenly is quite a pain, and it doesn’t look like the colour it’s supposed to be…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘Honey Pot’ and ‘Cocoa Puff’!!!! These colours are soooo easy to use and yet so vibrant. ‘Honey Pot’ goes only smoothly and nicely as a perfect golden shade, and ‘Cocoa Puff’ suits this golden shade absolutely.
My final verdict:
My Favorites would be ‘Heaven’, ‘Push-Up’, ‘Sexspresso’, ‘Honey Pot’, and ‘Cocoa Puff’. You can create emany looks with these 5.
I would definitely recommend this palette to any friends out there who’s after neutral eye shadows. I use these colors nearly everyday so I’m very happy with this palette.
I love the cute packaging, and this palette fits perfectly in my handbag (unlike the Naked palette I bought previously…). I prefer this one over the Chanel and Dior quad eye shadows since you can create more look, it’s cheaper, and the quality isn’t much different.
Feel free to drop me any questions below and I will help you answering them if I can!
Thanks for reading and hope this helps :)